Sunday, 21 December 2008

Almost Christmas

Gosh almost a month has passed. Don't lead a very exciting life so not much to post about!
Done all the usual things work, Pilates, finished my photography course and have to wait until March for the results.
Youngest has split up from his fiancee, all very sad but it's their lives and they are both grown up enough to make their own decisions. Still raw so nothing is really sorted yet.

I have had my hair coloured RED I love it and keep doing a double take in the mirror when I pass.

Went to works Christmas do on Friday at Elland Road. Himself wanted to get a t-shirt which has a picture of the scoreboard after Huddersfield beat Leeds but I value him too much so the answer was NO.

Dad is coming for Christmas so we need a major tidy up else he'll be sleeping on the sofa or in the car.
Saw eldest today with his lovely girlfriend. We had Sunday lunch at The Black Horse at Clifton. Very nice time, we exchanged parcels in the car park and they went to spend a night at Malmaison in Leeds.
SO the day is almost here, just need to buy a Turkey and a loaf of bread, Dad is getting the sprouts (ukk) he was going to get 3lb but there are only the 2 of them that eat them so I suggested 2lb would be more than enough.
Have 4 CJ's to complete so need to get a wriggle on.

Merry Christmas Lxx

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cold and Frosty

DH Advent Calender ( I know he's a grownup but they are all boys at heart!!)

Well another week has gone by. Do they go faster the older you get?

Went to Pilates on Tuesday and then to watch Huddersfield Town play Leyton Orient. Guess what? Huddersfield came second.

Wednesday after work I met Tanya and we walked the dogs. Just round the pavements as it is too slippy underfoot for me anywhere else. Whilst we were out Karen rang me on my mobile to tell me about the restructure at work. Big changes new team leaders Donna and Diane. No idea whose team I will be in. Will just have to suck it and see.

Not much happened on Thursday although I am searching through my photographs to find good ones for my final assignment for the OU course.

Friday I found out I am on Donna's team and of course we are all moving desks again.

Went to the hairdressers and had my roots done and a good cut.
Saturday went to extra crop with Leeds Paper Dolls did lots of stamping and colouring.
Today we have been to Fountains Abbey I felt I needed to take some more pictures.
It was very cold and frosty but the sun was shining so it was a lovely day. We went to see Dad for a cuppa and take him his Bushmills Whiskey it was nice to see him and he seemed glad to see us even if he had to miss his afternoon nap!!
Decided to have a Chinese for tea which was very nice.
Well tomorrow is 1st December so need to get DH advent calender out.

Monday, 24 November 2008

It's been a while!!

Well so much for keeping this up to date. Life goes on from day to day and nothing exciting really happens.

I am 2 weeks from the end of the OU course. I have done an assessment and got 73% which I was very pleased with. The final part involves a slide show and answering a few questions about my photographs. Some things I have struggled with but I have learnt a lot and really hope that I can improve further once the course is finished.

I celebrated my 53rd birthday last week. Himself and I had a day off and went to York. We wandered round the shops and bought ourselves a Christmas present. A Nintendo Wii. Really would like a Wii Fit too but they are like hen's teeth so will have to wait. We have had fun so far, I usually let himself win (lol) It is challenging and means I am not sat on my bum all evening.

We also celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Himself bought me Dawn French's book Dear Fatty which I am looking forward to reading.

I have managed to continue the Pilates I must be doing it right because I have had aching muscles. My knee is doing Ok. Although I hate the exercising that I should do every day to strengthen it and my thigh muscles. Viscious circle really because if my muscles are not exercised I won't be fit enough to ski in January.
I have got the orthotics in my shoes and have been suffering with a few aches but think once my body realigns itself I will be fine.
I have also been to a Leeds Paper Dolls crop, didn't do an awful lot, couple of CJ entries then cuddled Chloe.
Some friends Caroline and Rob have had a little girl, another Chloe. She really is little, 5lb4oz absolutely perfect, I saw her last week and had a cuddle. Lexie their black Labrador is really funny quite jealous!!

There have been some changes at work, all the B2's have gone to a new section, work is slowing down and it is a struggle for the team to get some of the jobs evenly distributed with the split of experience and authorities that we have.

My friend Susy is getting by. Her and the children are surrounded by love and God willing they will get through this. She is organising a year of fund raising in Stewarts name in my wisdom I have agreed to do one of the events, will be a walk though not a run. Don't do running never had never will!!!
Christmas is fast approaching and as I live with Scrooge will be a quiet affair as usual I guess. Dad will be spending part of it with us. No idea about anything else but I expect we will get through like we normally do.
Well enough ramblings I will try to keep this more up to date in future. Lx

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday again

My word the weeks fly by. I have been very tired all week think it was all that driving at the weekend.

Went to Pilates on Tuesday, which I enjoyed.
I have been trying to catch up on the OU course I am doing. I started a week late and am playing catchup. All being well I can have a good crack at it this weekend. Himself is playing golf tomorrow and then going to watch Town play football.
Went to the Doctors on Thursday as I am almost at the end of the HRT. Am going to try and manage with the magnet therapy and see how I get on.

Had my appraisal at work today and got a B for September so a B for the third quarter. I'm too gobby to ever get an A so I am quite happy with a B.

Tomorrow I must also do 2 CJ's especially as 1 needs to be posted on Monday.
Be back sometime over the weekend. Lx

Monday, 13 October 2008

RIP Stewart

Well the title says it all sadly Stewart lost his fight for life on Saturday at 12.30pm. He died in Susy's arms. RIP Stewart. Also in my thoughts are my friends Hazel and Kevin who have buried Kevin's Dad today.
On a lighter note the weekend was a great success. I left work at 12.00pm on Friday and arrived at the house in Lyndhurst about 5ish. I had had a little pit stop so 4 and a half hours door to door isn't bad.
The Luverlies are just that. We have had such fun.
Yesterday was Christmas so I bought myself a little present. (largish price tag) a lock for my troll bead bracelet.
We have laughed a lot, eaten loads and even done a bit of scrapping.
I actually did 18 LO's 16 small ones some of which require journalling and 2 large ones using the mystery page kit.

I left the house at 10am this morning and arrived home at
2.45pm. Silly Sat Nav froze but I managed to find my way home. I have caught up on my emails and UKS.
Think I will get an early night as back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Well almost at the end of another week.

We have lost all our Northern Ireland photos. We will never be able to recreate them so may have to go back to take some more. I am so upset so is himself but we will draw a line under it as there are a lot more important things in life. My dear friend Susy who's husband is suffering from cancer has posted that there is nothing that can be done so they will spend what little time they have left together. I pray that the end is a peaceful and pain free as possible for Stewart. I have only met him twice but Susy adores him and he her so this is going to be the worst time for them. They are in my thoughts.

On a lighter note I am all packed for the weekend retreat. I will write about it when I return on Monday. Lx

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Getting Brain in Gear

Well I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and registered to do an online digital photography course. The discs arrive today. I'm a week behind already (start date was 1st October) so I have been trying to make a start. Will certainly need my wits about me. I am hoping to do a lot of it in the afternoons, better than watching afternoon movies.

I've mentioned by "magnet" previously but himself has just said "do you realise you can collect money on it". Just to show me he started to through pennies at me, I have a new nickname Mrs Moneyfanny. He's such a card.

Went to Pilates earlier and worked really hard my legs are beginning to seize up so heaven help me tomorrow.

I am sorry that I will miss the LPD crop on Saturday but all being well I will be at the November one and of course the long Christmas crop in December.
Need to sleep now as I am flagging rapidly. Lx

Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday Blues

Weekend was ok. Mooched round town Saturday morning whilst himself played golf. Tried on a cardigan in M & S that I had seen a couple of weeks ago. Did absolutely nothing for me. Went onto TKMaxx a shop I don't really like it always seems like a glorified jumble sale to me. Anyway to my surprise I found a nice brown cardigan very long at the front and short at the back. The ticket price said RRP £209. Yeh right! as it was last years model it was only £29.99. I also found a blue and brown t-shirt top thingy which will look nice underneath so I bought that too.
We went to watch Town play Leicester (football) it was cold. Both of us wore our ski jackets it's only October for heavens sake. Town lost 2-3 not a great game.
Had Pizza for tea watched a stupid film then off to bed.
Sunday wasa lazy day really, went to the tip visited PIL then vegged for rest of day. Have also been invited to take a spare place on the Lurve thread retreat to Hampshire. Really excited. Risotto for tea then watched new series of House and Law & Order SVU. I did doze during 2nd SVU may need to catch up on NBC website.

Monday morning, everyone was a bit fed up, my good friend Jane is back from sick. Bless her she spent all morning reading emails.
I had to do the figures as Clare took Cole to school. I have also been asked to do a report and I also ended up getting involved in a query from before I went into hospital. I spent almost 2 hours trying to sort it out and I hope I am now on the way to a resolution.
Went to Karen for a bit of defuzzing via Asda needed some salt. Spent £38 bought a couple of tops some new pj's some sweets for the car on the drive down on Friday oh yes and 73p for some salt!!
Got home and began to make lists for Friday. Mostly in my head may need to right them down.
Well another 3 days goes by so quickly. Lx

Friday, 3 October 2008


Yipee Friday is here again.

Managed a week at work, decided I am not going to get stressed and I can only do what I can do.

I was told last time I visited the Doctor to refill my prescription that she will not let me have any more HRT so in 3 weeks I am left to my own devices. So I did a bit of research and decided to try a Ladycare. It is a magnet that uses the negative pole against the body. It is meant to alleviate a lot of menopause symptoms. All I can do is give it a whirl.

BUT I am having to be careful near metal objects. If I lean against the cabinets at work I fine myself connected to them and also I ended up walking round with my small calculator hanging from my tummy!!!! I will need to steer clear of the paperclips or I could end up with a fringe of them hanging down. We have spent a lot of time giggling at work over that I can tell you.

Not much happening out of the ordinary, did a supermarket shop and popped into Lidl to get some vitamin tablets and met Gail. Haven't seen her for ages. She has had a hernia op but is getting on very well. She told me Jane has had a rough time and that Scott has been hospitalised after a bout of food poisoning. Must ring her.

Made a good luck card for Vickie at work and also the CJ for the Lucky dip CJ, just need to do entry now. Also want to try and get an invitation finished to take to Baldeep. I am not very confident with the Craft Robo and am nervous about using it on my own, but I must get a wriggle on. Evenings are drawing in and we seem to eat tea and veg out in front of the TV most evenings.

Well weekend's here so lets hope it's a good one even though the weather forecast is cold wet and windy. We shall see. Lx

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dark Mornings Already

Oh my it was dark this morning. Also raining and cold. Work was as exciting as usual. Went to the Physio straight from work. Ate my chicken sandwich in the car park then got soaking wet feet ( I was wearing flip flops) going into the sports centre.

Nothing physical today just did the Gait Test to see how I walk. Not very well so I am having some orthotics made to try and rectify some of the problems. They take about 3 weeks and as Garry will be away he will call me when they arrive. Think that sounds like no more high heels for me!!

Went to Pilates with Tanya. Seemed to be more people there and was a good laugh. Think I will ache tomorrow. Himself went to Ikea to buy the desk top we need. After dinner he sorted it out and I can't believe we are almost there.

I have a CJ to make and also must get sorted with the wedding invites for Baldeep. Who coincidentley rang tonight to see how I was doing .

Himself is watching Prison Break so I will have an early night Lx

Monday, 29 September 2008

Back to the Grindstone

Up for work at silly o'clock. Started at 7.00. System was rubbish as I now have to "hot desk" for a few weeks. Took 2 calls to IT in Budapest (what is that all about?) kept my head down as much as possible as I would like to have some stats for this month but as I have to do the early morning figures for Clare not sure I will. So I will be penalised when it comes round to quarterly bonus. Not exactly my fault I had to have my knee done but that's life.
Himself a bit hacked off that he has lost his shares in B & B ( they didn't cost him anything but that's not the point).
Worked just 5 hours and then came home. Much chillier today than yesterday. Was so cold when I got in I wrapped myself up in a baggy cardi and put some socks on. Finished off CJ paid a few bills and that was the afternoon done. Rang Dad he's fine enjoyed his lunch with Mark and Jo. They arrived home safely too.
Cooked roast chicken and roast potatoes for tea. Remembered why we don't have roasts too often too much mess in the kitchen. Himself is washing up as we speak. Early night tonight as I didn't sleep too well last night. Lx

Sunday, 28 September 2008


On Wednesday we caught the bus into Dublin. Did all the touristy places, Trinity College was interesting and the guy who did the tour was a graduate there in History and Theology, very informative certainly knew his stuff. Bit disappointed by The Book of Kells thought it would be more stunning really.

Walked around looking at the various buildings etc as the guide book suggested. Ended up at The Hard Rock Cafe for tea. Had my usual starter (heavy metal chicken tenders) and also a large margarita which was fab.
The following day we went to Croke Park which is on a par with Neu Camp in Barcelona. Only 6 of us on the tour but John the guide make it very entertaining. Caught a bus back to the centre of City. Had lunch in an Italian restauarant and then walked to the Guiness Storehouse. It felt like miles, tour was not great but we had our pint at the top. Bought a couple of bits in the shop and then walked back into town. It was an awful long way. Caught the train back to Saltmills and Monkstown. Had tea in Siam Thai restaurant. Very nice walked very slowly back to B & B. I have a huge blister on the bottom of my little toe and my legs ached so much. Slept well and the next day went to Malahide Castle then Howth which has the most disgusting public toilets I have ever been in. We had fish and chips for lunch a quick wander round the extremely expensive golf shop then drove up and down the coast. We were both so tired that we decided to go back to B & b for a rest before tea. Some how managed to find TGIF's (Italian upstairs). Went back to Italian about 8.00pm. Had a lovely meal. Back to B&B and off to bed. Read for ages.
After breakfast and the most haphazard packing you have ever seen went into Dun Laoghaire for a little wander before catching the ferry. Bought a couple of bits in a craft shop. Set off for the ferry. Very busy but when we got on the ship(Sea Cat) managed to get a couple of seats by a window. Uneventful journey, himself watchedTransformers on his Ipod and I read and listened to my Ipod. Arrived back in Wales at 1.45pm. Drove home had an improptu stop as I managed to get the cradle for the SatNav stuck down the back of the glovebox. No idea how but it took himself about 10 miutes to free it. Oops. Arrived home at 5. Read mail spent 2 hours deleting emails, had curry for tea watched a little TV then off for a good nights sleep in our own bed.
Today has been pretty uneventful: trip to Sainsburys, Mark and Jo popped round for a cuppa. Himself went to play a few holes of golf as the weather was still nice. Watched Charley Boorman and there we are time for bed again. Work tomorrow woopee doo!!! Lx

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Home again Home again

Well we have had a fantastic weeks holiday in Ireland.
We went to Northern Ireland for 2 days then to a place called Blackrock just south of Dublin.
We arrived in Larne last Sunday morning at 9.15am. The weather was lovely. We drove up the coast road stopping to look at the view every so often. We stopped at a little village called Cushenden. As we had been up early we also had a late breakfast. I had a soda roll with bacon and egg. Himself had a full fry up.
We tootled up the coast road and stopped at a place called Carrick a Rede. There is a rope bridge and you can pay for the privilege of walking across it. (It is National Trust so we didn't have to pay!) Quite a long walk which was very pretty. The queue for the bridge was ok and we didn't have to wait too long. It was the scariest thing I have done in a long time, himself wasn't too impressed either. It was only a short bridge but it swayed like nothing on earth and there is always some numpty that thinks it's fun to swing it. We were both very pleased to get back onto solid ground.
We got back into the car and then drove a bit further, stopping at a place called Ballycastle. Took a few pictures then carried on to Portrush. Had to drive round a couple of times before we found the hotel. Parked up in the next street and carried the bags down a little side street to hotel. Up what seemed like 6 flights of stairs to a nice room with a sea view. Well if you ignored the grotty shops opposite the view was nice.
That evening we had dinner at a local restaurant. Not cheap but nice.
The following day we went to the Giants Causeway. From the coastal path it didn't look impressive but when we got down to it we loved it. The sea crashing against the rocks was mesmerising.
Off to Bushmills Distillery for lunch then a tour round. Even managedto drink the "free sample". Bought Dad a bottle of 12 year old whiskey that can only be bought from there. Hope he enjoys it.
Went to a beach called Port Strand cost £4.50 to park on the beach thank goodness for the National Trust membership. I paddled in the sea bit chilly and I got my bum wet!!
Later that evening we had dinner in the Ramada hotel.
Next morning we set off for Dublin. Found the B & B. Room ok bit of a funny shape but it'll do. Went for a walk to acclimatise ourselves. Had a drink in the pub called Bakers Corner, ok for tea so decided to go back later. Nice meal when we went back. Will continue the holiday tomorrow as I am tired and need my own bed. Lx

Friday, 19 September 2008


Not sure what happened to yesterday!!

Work was as exciting as usual (not). What with meetings and other non BAU (business as usual proper work) didn't do enough work to count towards any stats.
My friend Jane popped in to reacquaint herself with the office she has been off sick following an operation about 12 weeks or so ago. she is on the mend and hopes to be back early October. Good job too as I have missed her.
We popped across to White Rose as I needed a birthday present. Spent an hour together then went our separate ways.
Attempted to make Toad in the Hole for tea, OK but needs more practise I'll get it right one day.
Watched the opening ceremony for the Ryder Cup then missed the WAGS only wanted to see how they were dressed!! To be honest I fell asleep and dozed on and off. Finished my book when I went to bed. Only 2 night sleeps!!

Today was another washout where work was concerned, I did the early morning queue count for Claire as she had to take her little lad to school. Did a couple of little jobs for Karen then the system crashed I was locked out for over an hour. Good job we weren't that busy.
Got home watched the golf, took stamps and Bev's birthday present to golf club. Chose meal for Ladies annual dinner. We had pizza for tea it was lovely and watch more golf.
Need to pack now for tomorrow.
Night. Lx

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Halfway through the week already. Did a full day well 5 1/2 hours. Had 2 monthly reviews in one. Not bad got B for both so that's ok.
Babysat for Tanya this afternoon for a couple of hours. Little one was very good and it was nice to have 2 dogs to fuss too.
Have taken the plunge and registered to do an online Open University course in Digital Photography. For some reason I couldn't register online so I hope I will be accepted. I have completed the form manually so will send it tomorrow first class.

I am more than a little hacked off with the post, I ordered a new camera bag on Sunday and my usual monthly craft kit on Monday, I have had confirmation that both have been despatched first class but neither have arrived yet.
Will see if they arrive tomorrow.
Still thinking about Susy and Stewart and the children, praying for a miracle. Susy hasn't posted on her blog today but on facebook she has said that Stew had a better night as his pain was better but the scan results were not good.
2 days until we go away to Ireland, booked the Guiness Tour tickets last night.
Need to get organised!! Oh well tomorrow is another day. Lx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


This is a spider which has attached itself to our dustbin.(Good job it's green bin week this week.)

Made it to work today although tummy still a bit dodgy.
I had ploughed my way through the boring emails. Chatted to friends. Looked for my personal belongings which appear to have disappeared only hope they are in a safe place. Went to the start of the daily buzz meeting by which time it was 10.00am time to leave to go to see the consultant about my knee. Had a dodgy moment on the way but luckily was near to Samuel Taylor's (where LPD crop is held) so nipped in there.
Met himself in the car park of the hospital. Saw the consultant for about 5 minutes, wonder how much that will cost? He has said that the piece that he removed was bone and had probably come off the outer edge of the thigh bone. He advised to make an appointment for 2 months. If it still is giving me pain then he will possibly advise that I have the MRI scan to make sure there is nothing worse in the middle of the bone.
Went to Physio. Garry massaged ???? my knee then put the Magnopulse on it. I then did 10 minutes on the bike not quite up to speed but getting there.
Still felt a bit off it so on the way home stopped at the Co-op to get a bag of salt and vinegar crisps and a bottle of diet coke. ( my upset tummy/hangover cure).
Relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Chatted to Tanya, she's not too good today so is off to the Doc's hope she is ok.
Made proper mash for tea it does taste better. Just a cottage pie and carrots but I quite enjoyed it.
Himself put the desk into the office which is just right so when I can get mine in I think it will be very nice.
Rang USA to try and sort out the account I had to open when I was with GHL. I have decided to close it. Why can't call centres in this country be as helpful? Pat was great and explained everything in detail and I could understand her too!!
Himself wants to watch Prison Break so that's another day in my life over and done with. Lx

Monday, 15 September 2008


Mark and Emma on their wedding day Saturday 13th September.

Well yesterday we went to Ikea for breakfast. Wow how exciting is my life? Spent an hour trying to decide which desk options would fit in the office/craft room. Got all the bits we needed except 1 desk top yep you've guessed it mine!!! Another 11 days before they will have anymore in stock. Good job we are off on holiday next week. Arrived home in time for himself to watch the GrandPrix. We were both hungry so got tea ready early. I was testing the sauce which was very hot and slurped a bit unladylike I know but I also shot a tiny piece of hot onion straight down my throat. I am now the owner of a blister at the back of my throat.
Tea was a bit spicy but nice however I ended up with pains in my tummy which lasted all night. I watched Charely Boorman then went to bed at 9.30pm. Had a restless night and as my sick note covered me for today decided I would stay in bed. Paid several trips to the loo but thought I was going to feel better. Still feel a bit off. Eventually had a call from Team leader at work great when I am planning on returning tomorrow.
Had a bit of boiled rice and grilled chicken for tea, not exactly Cordon Bleu!!
Went to bed early in preperation for work again tomorrow. Lx

Sunday, 14 September 2008


Well in spite of all good intentions I didn't manage to write anything yesterday.

Had my hair coloured and cut which seemed to take ages got home got changed and set off for Horbury to try and find the church where Mark and Emma were getting married. Arrived at about 12.45pm more luck than judgement. Lovely wedding, saw Alison, Richard and their little girl which was a nice surprise. Managed to take a few pictures. How lucky they were with the weather especially considering the sort of summer we have had.
Drove to Leeds and nipped into Leeds Paper Dolls crop at Samuel Taylor. Chatted and ate tiny cakes (lunch) ended stopping a couple of hours. Drove home listened to end of Town game. They lost yet again.
As we had decided not to go to the wedding reception we went to Beverley's party at the golf club. Food was delicious so many kinds of cheese. We chatted to a couple of their friends and arrived home about 10.15pm.
Felt a bit rough but that could have been a mixture of too much cheese and 2 glasses of red wine.
Managed to read a bit in bed, my knee is quite sore there is a lot of pressure on it when I am driving so think as long as I can drive straight to work on Monday I should be fine.

Friday, 12 September 2008


Well end of week is here at last. Woke up before 6am couldn't go back to sleep so decided to get up rather than disturb himself. Browsed the internet and UKS. Himself got up and went to work I pottered about did some washing which I hung out for all of 30 minutes. So that went into the dryer.
Karen arrived with her youngest and we caught up haven't seen each other for a few weeks. Her little one is such a sweetheart no trouble at all. We had lunch and then Karen set to sorting her Craft Robo out. I played ball with little one.
Karen sorted out the drivers etc and we started to cut out the required shapes. Karen left about 2.20pm to collect her eldest who has just started school. And yes it was still raining!! Always rains at 3.00pm.
I set off for Mirfield to the Beauticians. Had a run in with a 4x4 who cut me off, I only tooted my horn at him but he took offence and started to be stoopid. He stopped so I went round him he then "chased me up the road" as I indicated to turn right he tooted his horn and tried to cut me off. I managed to drive round him whilst mouthing obscenities at him. He must have been about 70. Silly old bugga. Was suitably defuzzed and nipped for a cuppa with my dear friend Mandy. We caught up then I drove sedately home, fish and chips for tea, a little tv watched the rugby on and off Bradford lost to Wigan so their season is over too. Made a wedding card for my friends Emma and Mark who get married tomorrow.
Think we may have a break through in the organisation of the office craft room Ikea looks as though we may be able to have a compromise will see if maybe we can get to Ikea over the weekend.
All day Susy and Stewart ( and the children) have been in my thoughts I am praying very hard for a miracle.
Himself is playing golf even earlier than usual in the morning 7.10am, funny how he can get up early to play golf but it takes him an hour during the week!! Bless him!!!!
Have decided not to go to Mark and Emma's wedding reception as it is a long way and I can't drive that far. My knee is sore from going to Mirfield and back. I will be at the service in the church so I can see them get married.
Goodnight sleep tight. Lx

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Well here are 3 (not very good) shots of the new handbag.
Still trying to get to grips with
this blogger thing so apologies
if appears very amateurish.
Up early this morning can't sleep.
My close friend Susy had some devastating news
yesterday her beloved husband has cancer again
he will have to have radiotherapy
and possibly chemo too.
I prayed for them last night which for me is a rare thing these days. I hope that a miracle happens.
Will be back later. Lx


Woke up to a cup of tea. Himself is a star when he wants to be.
The ParcelForce van arrived with my new handbag. What a fantastic concept it is called a MicheBag. Basically it is a black silk handbag that has hidden magnets so you can change the shell. I got 3 shells a black one a red one and a ginger ( beige sort of colour). There are also long handles included too , therefore you could look at as being 6 handbags!!!
Decided not to scrap but to go and do the supermarket shop as my friend Karen is popping over tomorrow to help me sort her Craft Robo out so I can make the sample of the wedding invitation that I am doing for a work collegue's daughter. Good job the wedding isn't till next May.

Shopping was quite tough on my knee so it is sore now, will try and get a lie in tomorrow and see how it goes.
Well another boring day in the life of Mr and Mrs Hedgehog!!
Will try and post pictures of my cool new bag(s).

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Almost had a lie in this morning. Yipee the gardeners have gone. Woke up about 8.45am. Himself had gone to work and my tea was lukewarm but it's the thought that counts. I was a lazy cow this morning and stayed in bed reading until 11.00am.
Rang the camera shop and thank goodness my camera is back from being repaired. (Only had it 9 months and the command knob had broken off). Went into town collected my camera then nipped to Tescos to get some bread for lunch.
As I arrived home Bev the chiropodist pulled up about 15 minutes early so lunch was put on hold till she had gone. Had a little reflexology not much as it is not always good after surgery.
Really should have done some scrapping today or at least made a wedding card!
Watched Poseiden the newest version with Kurt Russell still prefer the old version.

Still doing the exercises. Really must scrap tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Well was rudely awoken by next door but one's landscape gardeners cutting bricks. This has been going on for almost 4 weeks (most of the time I have been off). I am sick to death of it. They also keep parking their cars outside our house. I know it is the public highway but it is an inconvenience to the rest of the road. They also park half on the pavement which really gets to me. Not only does it break up the pavement but it also blocks it forcing anyone with a pram or pushchair to sometimes have to go into the road to get by.
Weather today has been much the same as most of the "summer" WET.
Went to physio after lunch. Funnily enough there was a young man there and I thought I know you (like you do) realised he is my eldest son's mate. So at least I couldn't show myself up too much when Garry was massaging my knee. I also did 10 minutes on the bike then as the afternoon's entertainment I used the wobble board, I was a bit rubbish on that. Another appointment next week but Garry is pleased with my progress and says I am where I should be after the arthroscopy.
Drove home and rang Tanya to confirm I could go to Pilates. first time for everything, not sure I was doing it all right wasn't sure what it meant about my pelvis being in neutral!! Will ask before I go again next week.
Himself decided to cut off some of the lower branches from the Silver birch trees in the garden whilst dinner was cooking. We vegged most of the evening with the TV and the laptops on. Had an interesting x rated conversation on MSN with some of my friends from Leeds Paper Dolls scrapping group.
Think I am going to ache tomorrow. Lx

Monday, 8 September 2008

First post 8th September 2008

Well here we go. I have decided to join in with the rest of the world.
I am presently recovering from knee surgery. Nothing drastic a simple arthroscopy. I had some pain in my knee from a simple slip up when walking my friend's dogs. I had to have a piece of cartilage the size of 5p removed from my knee.

I am on the way to recovery but as my youngest said I am not an athlete and at my age it may take a little longer than the rugby players. I will post more tomorrow.