Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Back to the Grind

We had a fantastic holiday. Even though our skis didn't arrive until the day after we got there!

BA gave us a voucher to hire some and as the snow was a bit thin in places we used them all week and stored ours in the loft at the Gasthaus.

It was fantastic to see Joan and Rene and of course Dezeley the dog.

Himself celebrated his 40th birthday and I hope he enjoyed his day. I tried to make it special and Joan helped by providing party hats at breakfast and a banner too. He wore his I Am 40 Today badge all day and I think he was quite chuffed with all the birthday greeting he got from complete strangers. ( The girls especially!)
We had a lovely meal in the evening and he had a candle in his mousse cake and the staff sang Happy Birthday in Swiss to him.

We skied and shopped and had lots of fun. We went to a Jazz concert at a church in the next village it was a very modern church it had comfy seats.
It was sunny for the first week and then it started to snow 36 inches in 3 days.

The day we left we got safely down the mountain but once we hit the I70(motorway) we ground to a halt as the snow was very thick and the snow ploughs just couldn't keep up. Luckily the flight home wasn't till the evening so we had plenty of time.

We flew from Denver to Heathrow, Heathrow to Glasgow and then Glasgow to Manchester, unfortunately our bags didn't catch up with us until the following day, they were left in Glasgow as we didn't have a lot of time between flights.

Still the bags turned up with my scrapbooking goodies, big bite, card, embellies etc.

Look at me I'm 40 today!!