Sunday, 19 April 2009

2nd Holiday!!

We have been home from our 2nd holiday in Winter Park for nearly 2 weeks. We had a wonderful holiday.
We went to Denver Zoo and I took 180 photos. That's an awful lot to scrap!!
We also went to the Hot Sulphur Springs. Himself wasn't too keen but we changed into our cossies and even though it was below zero we ventured into the hot pools. As you can imagine the smell was a little pungent.(Rotten eggs). There was a sign on the wall that advised that jewellery could tarnish but we both left our wedding rings on as we don't take them off. By the time we decided to get out himself had a purple wedding ring and mine was deep red!! I thought we would have to have new rings or have them treated but luckily Joan had a special gold cloth and a bit of rubbing got them all clean and shiny again.
The snow was fantastic. We skied with Linda and Bill from Wisconson the first few days then Dirk and Els from Holland arrived on the Sunday and we skied most days with them.
We also skied with Joan and Rene and then on the Tuesday we had dinner at their house the poor dog was very confused as she seems to love us all and didn't know who to turn to first.
We did a bit of shopping but not much really. I had ordered 2 carts for my Cricut which were waiting for us and then got a few bits really. Himself bought a couple of tops from Nike but not much else.
Idid buy a watercolour from the gallery next door to the Hotel it is now waiting to be hung in our bedroom.
The day after we arrived we had an email advising our flights had been changed (again). We were so cross, what if we hadn't taken the laptop? Anyway we rang BMI and himself sorted it out we were on the same flight back from Denver to Heathrow but we had to wait at Heathrow for 5 hours!!! Good job we had access to the business lounge.
So we arrived home at 7.15pm on the Tuesday and back to work Wednesday morning. Good job it was Easter week and we had Good Friday and Easter Monday off.
We went to rugby Good Friday and beat Celtic Crusaders then to Hull KR on Monday and beat them quite convicingly. We then popped to Bridlington had some chips and an ice cream then drove home.
So we are back in the old routine again till next year.
I had a golf lesson on Wednesday last week and then played with himself on Thursday. I did the whole course in 128 so minus my 36 handicap 92 net. Not great but ok.
We played Leeds Rhinos last night and inspite of being favourites we lost, think we out too much pressure on ourselves. We are still 3rd in the table though.
Played 11 holes of golf today, it was a beautiful day and I quite enjoyed it although I had a few bad shots I did get 3 on the 4th.
So back to work tomorrow and the gym too.