Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cold and Frosty

DH Advent Calender ( I know he's a grownup but they are all boys at heart!!)

Well another week has gone by. Do they go faster the older you get?

Went to Pilates on Tuesday and then to watch Huddersfield Town play Leyton Orient. Guess what? Huddersfield came second.

Wednesday after work I met Tanya and we walked the dogs. Just round the pavements as it is too slippy underfoot for me anywhere else. Whilst we were out Karen rang me on my mobile to tell me about the restructure at work. Big changes new team leaders Donna and Diane. No idea whose team I will be in. Will just have to suck it and see.

Not much happened on Thursday although I am searching through my photographs to find good ones for my final assignment for the OU course.

Friday I found out I am on Donna's team and of course we are all moving desks again.

Went to the hairdressers and had my roots done and a good cut.
Saturday went to extra crop with Leeds Paper Dolls did lots of stamping and colouring.
Today we have been to Fountains Abbey I felt I needed to take some more pictures.
It was very cold and frosty but the sun was shining so it was a lovely day. We went to see Dad for a cuppa and take him his Bushmills Whiskey it was nice to see him and he seemed glad to see us even if he had to miss his afternoon nap!!
Decided to have a Chinese for tea which was very nice.
Well tomorrow is 1st December so need to get DH advent calender out.

Monday, 24 November 2008

It's been a while!!

Well so much for keeping this up to date. Life goes on from day to day and nothing exciting really happens.

I am 2 weeks from the end of the OU course. I have done an assessment and got 73% which I was very pleased with. The final part involves a slide show and answering a few questions about my photographs. Some things I have struggled with but I have learnt a lot and really hope that I can improve further once the course is finished.

I celebrated my 53rd birthday last week. Himself and I had a day off and went to York. We wandered round the shops and bought ourselves a Christmas present. A Nintendo Wii. Really would like a Wii Fit too but they are like hen's teeth so will have to wait. We have had fun so far, I usually let himself win (lol) It is challenging and means I am not sat on my bum all evening.

We also celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Himself bought me Dawn French's book Dear Fatty which I am looking forward to reading.

I have managed to continue the Pilates I must be doing it right because I have had aching muscles. My knee is doing Ok. Although I hate the exercising that I should do every day to strengthen it and my thigh muscles. Viscious circle really because if my muscles are not exercised I won't be fit enough to ski in January.
I have got the orthotics in my shoes and have been suffering with a few aches but think once my body realigns itself I will be fine.
I have also been to a Leeds Paper Dolls crop, didn't do an awful lot, couple of CJ entries then cuddled Chloe.
Some friends Caroline and Rob have had a little girl, another Chloe. She really is little, 5lb4oz absolutely perfect, I saw her last week and had a cuddle. Lexie their black Labrador is really funny quite jealous!!

There have been some changes at work, all the B2's have gone to a new section, work is slowing down and it is a struggle for the team to get some of the jobs evenly distributed with the split of experience and authorities that we have.

My friend Susy is getting by. Her and the children are surrounded by love and God willing they will get through this. She is organising a year of fund raising in Stewarts name in my wisdom I have agreed to do one of the events, will be a walk though not a run. Don't do running never had never will!!!
Christmas is fast approaching and as I live with Scrooge will be a quiet affair as usual I guess. Dad will be spending part of it with us. No idea about anything else but I expect we will get through like we normally do.
Well enough ramblings I will try to keep this more up to date in future. Lx