Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday again

My word the weeks fly by. I have been very tired all week think it was all that driving at the weekend.

Went to Pilates on Tuesday, which I enjoyed.
I have been trying to catch up on the OU course I am doing. I started a week late and am playing catchup. All being well I can have a good crack at it this weekend. Himself is playing golf tomorrow and then going to watch Town play football.
Went to the Doctors on Thursday as I am almost at the end of the HRT. Am going to try and manage with the magnet therapy and see how I get on.

Had my appraisal at work today and got a B for September so a B for the third quarter. I'm too gobby to ever get an A so I am quite happy with a B.

Tomorrow I must also do 2 CJ's especially as 1 needs to be posted on Monday.
Be back sometime over the weekend. Lx

Monday, 13 October 2008

RIP Stewart

Well the title says it all sadly Stewart lost his fight for life on Saturday at 12.30pm. He died in Susy's arms. RIP Stewart. Also in my thoughts are my friends Hazel and Kevin who have buried Kevin's Dad today.
On a lighter note the weekend was a great success. I left work at 12.00pm on Friday and arrived at the house in Lyndhurst about 5ish. I had had a little pit stop so 4 and a half hours door to door isn't bad.
The Luverlies are just that. We have had such fun.
Yesterday was Christmas so I bought myself a little present. (largish price tag) a lock for my troll bead bracelet.
We have laughed a lot, eaten loads and even done a bit of scrapping.
I actually did 18 LO's 16 small ones some of which require journalling and 2 large ones using the mystery page kit.

I left the house at 10am this morning and arrived home at
2.45pm. Silly Sat Nav froze but I managed to find my way home. I have caught up on my emails and UKS.
Think I will get an early night as back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Well almost at the end of another week.

We have lost all our Northern Ireland photos. We will never be able to recreate them so may have to go back to take some more. I am so upset so is himself but we will draw a line under it as there are a lot more important things in life. My dear friend Susy who's husband is suffering from cancer has posted that there is nothing that can be done so they will spend what little time they have left together. I pray that the end is a peaceful and pain free as possible for Stewart. I have only met him twice but Susy adores him and he her so this is going to be the worst time for them. They are in my thoughts.

On a lighter note I am all packed for the weekend retreat. I will write about it when I return on Monday. Lx

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Getting Brain in Gear

Well I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and registered to do an online digital photography course. The discs arrive today. I'm a week behind already (start date was 1st October) so I have been trying to make a start. Will certainly need my wits about me. I am hoping to do a lot of it in the afternoons, better than watching afternoon movies.

I've mentioned by "magnet" previously but himself has just said "do you realise you can collect money on it". Just to show me he started to through pennies at me, I have a new nickname Mrs Moneyfanny. He's such a card.

Went to Pilates earlier and worked really hard my legs are beginning to seize up so heaven help me tomorrow.

I am sorry that I will miss the LPD crop on Saturday but all being well I will be at the November one and of course the long Christmas crop in December.
Need to sleep now as I am flagging rapidly. Lx

Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday Blues

Weekend was ok. Mooched round town Saturday morning whilst himself played golf. Tried on a cardigan in M & S that I had seen a couple of weeks ago. Did absolutely nothing for me. Went onto TKMaxx a shop I don't really like it always seems like a glorified jumble sale to me. Anyway to my surprise I found a nice brown cardigan very long at the front and short at the back. The ticket price said RRP £209. Yeh right! as it was last years model it was only £29.99. I also found a blue and brown t-shirt top thingy which will look nice underneath so I bought that too.
We went to watch Town play Leicester (football) it was cold. Both of us wore our ski jackets it's only October for heavens sake. Town lost 2-3 not a great game.
Had Pizza for tea watched a stupid film then off to bed.
Sunday wasa lazy day really, went to the tip visited PIL then vegged for rest of day. Have also been invited to take a spare place on the Lurve thread retreat to Hampshire. Really excited. Risotto for tea then watched new series of House and Law & Order SVU. I did doze during 2nd SVU may need to catch up on NBC website.

Monday morning, everyone was a bit fed up, my good friend Jane is back from sick. Bless her she spent all morning reading emails.
I had to do the figures as Clare took Cole to school. I have also been asked to do a report and I also ended up getting involved in a query from before I went into hospital. I spent almost 2 hours trying to sort it out and I hope I am now on the way to a resolution.
Went to Karen for a bit of defuzzing via Asda needed some salt. Spent £38 bought a couple of tops some new pj's some sweets for the car on the drive down on Friday oh yes and 73p for some salt!!
Got home and began to make lists for Friday. Mostly in my head may need to right them down.
Well another 3 days goes by so quickly. Lx

Friday, 3 October 2008


Yipee Friday is here again.

Managed a week at work, decided I am not going to get stressed and I can only do what I can do.

I was told last time I visited the Doctor to refill my prescription that she will not let me have any more HRT so in 3 weeks I am left to my own devices. So I did a bit of research and decided to try a Ladycare. It is a magnet that uses the negative pole against the body. It is meant to alleviate a lot of menopause symptoms. All I can do is give it a whirl.

BUT I am having to be careful near metal objects. If I lean against the cabinets at work I fine myself connected to them and also I ended up walking round with my small calculator hanging from my tummy!!!! I will need to steer clear of the paperclips or I could end up with a fringe of them hanging down. We have spent a lot of time giggling at work over that I can tell you.

Not much happening out of the ordinary, did a supermarket shop and popped into Lidl to get some vitamin tablets and met Gail. Haven't seen her for ages. She has had a hernia op but is getting on very well. She told me Jane has had a rough time and that Scott has been hospitalised after a bout of food poisoning. Must ring her.

Made a good luck card for Vickie at work and also the CJ for the Lucky dip CJ, just need to do entry now. Also want to try and get an invitation finished to take to Baldeep. I am not very confident with the Craft Robo and am nervous about using it on my own, but I must get a wriggle on. Evenings are drawing in and we seem to eat tea and veg out in front of the TV most evenings.

Well weekend's here so lets hope it's a good one even though the weather forecast is cold wet and windy. We shall see. Lx