Sunday, 28 November 2010

Another update!!

Well so long since I posted I expect most people will think I have vanished off the face of the earth. Sorry to disappoint!!
Life is trolling along. Have had a couple of fabulous holidays/breaks since I last posted.
Had a week in Sarasota Florida with our very good friends Joan and Rene. The weather was wonderful especially as it was mid October and we had a very relaxing time. Even went in the sea!
Was very sad to leave. However, all being well we may meet up with Joan and Rene in Winter Park Colorado next March/April for some skiing. Our Dutch friends Dirk and Els will be there too so the old gang would be back together again.
The 2nd break was last weekend. Our 5th wedding anniversary and my 55th birthday, himself was organising a weekend away and I left it to him ( was a bit nervous as he kept saying it's in hand 2 nights in Skegness). Night before he said at 9.30pm he was off to bed as he thought we might pop across to Manchester Airport in the morning and see if we could pick a flight up!! Gullible me said ok so I packed a bag and we went to bed. Following morning we were up at 4am off to the airport. He had booked car parking and then we got on the bus to the terminal.
He asked where I fancied going but his plan was scuppered when a jet 2 agent asked me where I was going I replied I don't know, himself then muttered ROME I squealed and kept saying thank you thank you before giving him a big hug and a kiss. She thought it was very sweet ahhh!

So we spent 3 days in Rome, wow what a fantastic surprise. We went to the Colosseum then checked into a fab hotel (he had had it booked since August!!!). On the Saturday (my birthday) we went to Vatican City it poured with rain but we paid the extra for a guided tour to miss the queues which snaked round 2 sides of the walled city!! It was a wonderful experience. We had a lovely meal in the hotel in the evening and then on the Sunday went to Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps and just had a general wander through Rome. Our flight home was delayed by torrential rain but we were home by 10pm so not too late. It really was a complete surprise and he is going to have to go some next year to top that!

The wedding plans are coming along less than 16 weeks I believe now. The diet is ok still losing but very slowly, however I have started a personal training plan with Nigel at Pure Body Solutions which although hard work twice a week has really begun to change my body shape.

So back to work again tomorrow another week nearer the end of the year and also our 1st skiing holiday. Making no promises about when I will update again as I never manage to stick to it.