Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New baby

Well Kahlan Grace arrived yesterday at 6.54pm weighing 8lb 7ozs. She is gorgeous of course. Very much like Finley.
I have had cuddles of course. Even given her a bottle.

Will post pics when the camera battery is charged!!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A quick? update.

Well the days then the weeks then the months go by .

Such a lot has happened since I last posted. We have been on 4 more holidays!

Las Vegas, Barcelona and Winter Park twice. All of them were fabulous. Took hundreds of photos.

Nicholas and Lesley have set a wedding date 25th March 2011. So the diet is now on in earnest.

I have lost 11 lbs since last September doesn't sound much but it's a big deal for me.

I even came back from skiing and weighed the same as when I went. RESULT!

My right knee had been playing up catching and clicking so I bit the bullet and got a referral from the Doctor to the specialist. I am so lucky that I have medical insurance through work.
In May I saw the specialist , had a MRI scan and on 1st June had surgery, only keyhole cleaned it up a bit. Unfortunately I have mild/moderate arthritis on the outside of my right knee. I know compared to a lot of people it is nothing but it's my knee and I am the one who now has to get it right again.
I have been having physio twice a week and working hard on it. I will be able to carry on doing whatever I want and learn to live with the discomfort/pain. The consultant believes that I will eventually need a knee replacement.

I had 4 weeks off work I was very bored and read a great deal I even did a bit of scrapping. Spent a fortune on the internet.
I am now back at work on a phased return, 5 hours a day this coming week.

My friend Tanya is now overdue with her 2nd child, a little girl who will called Kahlen. Finley is growing up very quickly he is a very funny little soul and so loving I hope it continues when his new sister arrives.

We had a bit of an accident in the office/craft room a shelf fell off the wall so we are going to redesign it(I may get more room)

The photo at the top is one I took recently on a walk round the field, Finley and Boston, talk about me and my shadow.

I am currently doing Shimelles new class Love your pictures love your pages the other pic below is one of my efforts.

I will try and blog more often.