Sunday, 21 December 2008

Almost Christmas

Gosh almost a month has passed. Don't lead a very exciting life so not much to post about!
Done all the usual things work, Pilates, finished my photography course and have to wait until March for the results.
Youngest has split up from his fiancee, all very sad but it's their lives and they are both grown up enough to make their own decisions. Still raw so nothing is really sorted yet.

I have had my hair coloured RED I love it and keep doing a double take in the mirror when I pass.

Went to works Christmas do on Friday at Elland Road. Himself wanted to get a t-shirt which has a picture of the scoreboard after Huddersfield beat Leeds but I value him too much so the answer was NO.

Dad is coming for Christmas so we need a major tidy up else he'll be sleeping on the sofa or in the car.
Saw eldest today with his lovely girlfriend. We had Sunday lunch at The Black Horse at Clifton. Very nice time, we exchanged parcels in the car park and they went to spend a night at Malmaison in Leeds.
SO the day is almost here, just need to buy a Turkey and a loaf of bread, Dad is getting the sprouts (ukk) he was going to get 3lb but there are only the 2 of them that eat them so I suggested 2lb would be more than enough.
Have 4 CJ's to complete so need to get a wriggle on.

Merry Christmas Lxx