Friday, 8 May 2009

So we are well and truely back into the swing. Himself has bought a new car, a Chrysler Sebring it's very posh definately a luxury car.
I have made it to the gym just once!!
We are very busy so have been doing an extra hour every day. Have even worked a Saturday.
We went to see Mark and Jo in Cambridge over Bank holiday weekend. It was so nice to see them. We had a lovely weekend. I have never beento Cambridge before. It was very busy full of students and tourists.
We went for a Chinese meal on Saturday the bill came to over £130 bit expensive for a chinese we thought. We had a walk Sunday morning then had lunch at The Rupert Brook pub. Not the best meal but it was OK another expensive bill.
We drove home and then watched the rugby that we had recorded. Giants won didn't play great but the 2 points were ours.
This weekend is the wedding of my friend's daughter. It will be an exciting weekend, tonight they have like a hen night at their house , then tomorrow is a ceromony, all I know about that is that her uncles will give her some gold bracelets, (I'll update later)
The wedding is on Sunday. I have had an outfit made and I need to go and buy some shoes tomorrow. I have had a manicure and pedicure today and my toenails are a fantastic shade of turquoise! (picture to follow) I still need to alter my top slightly then I shall be all ready to go.
Himself is going to the next round of the Challenge cup it's against the Rochdale Hornets which should be a foregone conclusion but you never know.
Will be back with updates.