Tuesday, 13 January 2009

2 more night sleeps

Well almost time to fly off to colder climes. It has been snowing steadily in Winter Park so can't wait.
Had some bad news today my brother is in hospital with a suspected heart attack, he's only 50!! I am praying it is a mild one that will give him a kick up the bum to change his life style, us too!!

I am busy packing and then am off to the hairdressers for a cut wash and blow dry. Then Pilates. Son the younger is ok with everything and had a nice weekend with his new friend. The other one is as giddy as me about their skiing holiday but he has to wait till we get back.

As for himself he is going to kill me tomorrow because I have told the girls he works with he is 40 on Saturday and they have had the usual collection and as tomorrow is our last day at work he will get a presentation!!

Right off to pack a few more socks and undies and sexy thermals!!


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The end and the beginning 2008/2009

Well so much for keeping this up to date.
Nicholas and Danielle are over for good. We have been very sad and in tears, he always could make me cry but he will get over this.
He spent Christmas dinner with us and was very down but at least I knew he had been fed. Dad stayed until Saturday and he said he had enjoyed himself although Himself was a pain. He really dislikes Christmas "it's boring" ,Dad went for a drive on Boxing day and then after lunch(turkey stew/soup) himself and I went to browse the sales in town. Not all the shops were open but I got a cover for my DSlite and a new game for the Wii.
We went to football on the Sunday then back to work on Monday. It is so quiet but we found enough to do.New Years Eve I walked the dogs with Tanya and Fin. Tanya and Nigel had invited us to spend the evening with them. Yes you guessed Himself didn't want to go but he tagged along, we took the Wii and had a really enjoyable evening he was well and truely wooped by a 10 year old at boxing!!
So 2009 arrived NYD we stayed in and pottered. Back to work on Friday. Went to Morrisons after work, it was heaving, took 10 minutes to get out of the carpark.
Saturday we went to the Town game against Oldham 1 all draw so that was OK. Then we went to say goodbye to Val and Grant who are emigrating to Greece. Stopped for a couple of hours then picked a chinese up on the way home. Watched some TV, played with the Cricut and SCAL. The computer is poorly think no know I opened a virus so we are going to have to try and get it sorted. Himself spent 6 hours trying to get rid but it is very slow and keeps freezing.

Well the computer is terminal!! SO made a decision and used the recovery discs. Think I have lost some stuff, but so glad that I had downloaded the photos to the harddrive last week.

Went to Halifax to see the young guns play rugby against Halifax big boys, we lost 32-18 but they all aquitted themselves very well.
After work on Monday I nipped to Tesco and got some new PJs for my jollies and also a new anti virus disc. Took ages to download but fingers crossed it all seems ok now.
Have posted 1 CJ for Louise 2 to do.
Did 1 Monday and posted to Louise on Tuesday. Then did the 2nd one and posted to Louise today.
Only 2 to go now!!
Well a quick update on our Nicholas, he met a girl on New Years Eve. They seem to have clicked so he is going to see her this weekend , (she lives in Canterbury) which I can see as an advantage to start with but if it becomes serious who knows. So I am probably on dog duty over the weekend. I have told him it won;
Well this time next week we will be on our way to Winter Park, I am really looking forward to it just to spend time with himself away from home and of course skiing.
Will hopefully do a quick update before we go. Lxxx