Saturday, 24 March 2012

Well a week on and life is tough!
Jo's Dad died Monday afternoon. Poor Jo and the rest of the family my heart goes out to them all.
Tuesday my precious Dad had his first Chemo session
Peter and Gel had to go home late on Wednesday as Gel's Dad Ben is critically ill. What else will be thrown at us?
Eye check for me on Thursday and I have early onset of glaucoma so drops for me for the rest of my life probably although surgery may be a future option.
Friday was Sport Relief. Worked as normal then had an appointment with Karen. Back to work at 4pm. Blew balloons up, decorated the office , Checked people had all they needed pizza, drinks, fruit, crisps, water etc. Very busy when we finished I was exhausted as was Sandra, Chris, Donna, Le'Ann, Sue and Andrew. Good night though. Sandra gave me a gorgeous purple and silver bag which will be great for my jollies which are fast approaching, spare bed is covered in clothes ready to pack.
Tomorrow morning will do that, get the ironing done then in the afternoon I am going to a concert that my friend Karen is singing in. Monday after work I will go to see Dad. Tuesday haircut and off to London for out flight on Wednesday morning to Winter Park via Toronto.
Dirk and Els will already be there and Bill and Linda will arrive on Wednesday for 3 days.
Just get through the next couple of days and then 2 weeks of relaxation.

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