Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wow time has flown.

Almost 18 months since I last blogged. Nicholas and Lesley have been married a whole year next Sunday! We have a new house in South Yorkshire, a 4 bedroomed detached( we still also have the old house too!)
We went Skiing to Colorado twice last year and then to Holland in October to stay with Dirk & Els.
This year we are only going the once on 28th of this month.
Sadly Dad has been diagnosed with rectal cancer with secondarys in his liver. He is going to have chemo which starts this week. Not really sure what to expect. Peter and Gel are here for a few days so we will go en masse to the hospital for an info meeting tomorrow then chemo on Tuesday.
Today was Mothers Day. Mark and Jo bought me a Swarowski crystal pen and Nicholas and Lesley bought me an indoor rose tree. I am truly blessed to have 2 wonderful sons and daughter in laws ( well Jo will be after the wedding 5th May 2013) .
So once again I will need to apply myself and lose some more weight.
I know this year will be tough but the wedding next year is going to be our family goal.

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