Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fab holiday in Colorado although we only skied for a week as it was unseasonably warm and no snowfall.
So we we did other things, we walked in the National Forest, Dennis played golf ( I drove the golf cart) we also went to a basketball game which was great fun.
I have joined weight watchers ( online) lost 3 lb in 2 weeks. I have also started a new fitness regime twice a week, and finally I have joined Inspiration which is a choir that sings with Opera North orchestra first rehearsal tomorrow very excited.
A Walk in The Rocky Mountain National Park

Done nothing very crafty although I did a Smash book on holiday and I have done some quilting. In the process of making a bag but the bit I have stiched is very crooked so may unpick it all and start again when and if I have time.
Today would have been my Mum's 83rd birthday still miss her every day.

Well a new week begins tomorrow and Dad has his 4th lot of Chemo on Tuesday he has been doing very well long may that continue.

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