Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well apart from Christmas this is the last bank holiday of the year!

I have seen the Dr again and I am going back to work on Tuesday, 4 hours a day for the first week and then 5 the next then we see how it's going and it will be full steam ahead.
I have been to the South Coast with Dennis whilst I have been off and although I have spent most of the day on my own ( he has to work!!) I have had a good time. The sea calls to me and I always feel calmer when I am there. The first time I went was quite hard as Eastbourne was always Mum and Dad's holiday place but in another way it was comforting and helped me to put things into perspective.
I went to a couple of National Trust places, mooched round the shops, ate chips!! I also was invited to go out to eat with the guys that Dennis had his meetings with. Me and 10 men can't complain!

This week was a bit different as Dennis had a meeting in Eastbourne on Tuesday so I drove to Rye and walked to the sea via the reclaimation area they have reclaimed some of the salt marshes and it will be a bird sanctuary. We spent the night in a different hotel near Arundel as the new project is in Littlehampton. I spent Wednesday wandering round the town. I decided to have pie and chips for lunch and queued for almost 30 minutes at a really busy place. The chips were OK but the pie was disgusting and went into the bin. I sat on the front it was very windy and the sand was whipping round my legs. I went for a paddle must have looked a right sight bit like a bag lady with my carrier bag ( posh one though Waitrose bag for life!) I drove back to site and parked on the road to wait for Dennis I got comfy and was reading my kindle when the whole meeting appeared and walked past me round the perimeter Dennis did acknowledge me though! He was another hour but I am always happy to read.
We set off for home and as the M1 was closed we decided to drive up A1. I called Mark and we popped in for coffee it was so nice to see him and Jo. We got home about 10.30pm.
On Thursday I took Tanya and the children to Eureka in Halifax. It was good but lunch was expensive a bottle of coke was £1.70! Rip off.

Friday was quite relaxed I sorted out Dennis' wardrobe to try and make some more space.
This morning we went shopping and this afternoon we have watched the Challenge Cup Final which Warrington won and also the final of the 20 over cricket.
We have also started to plan out holiday to USA we are going to Chicago stopping with Bill and Linda going to the final day of the Ryder Cup then flying down to Washington for 5 days then getting a train to New York for 6 days I am so so excited.
Tomorrow we are going to Skegness to see Aunty Dorrie, she has had 2 chemo sessions for Non Hodgkins Lymphona does it never end??

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